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Epoxy Resin Varnishes and Encapsulants for Transformers

Transformer Electronics Resins and Encapsulants

Epic Resins manufactures a full line of formulated epoxy resin systems for use in transformer applications. These epoxy resin formulations are specifically designed for use with high temperatures, high voltage applications, and electrical applications. With a wide range of viscosities these epoxy resin formulations are perfect for a variety of unique uses. Depending on your application requirements we have transformer epoxy resin with any level of thickness. We also create custom epoxy resin formulations to ensure you find the perfect solution to your needs.

With good physical and electrical capabilities, our transformer epoxy resins assist your products in performing at their best. Whether you are looking for a UL recognized varnish, or a system to encapsulate your transformer, Epic Resins can help you select a product for your needs.

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