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Telecom Device

Potting and Encapsulating Compounds for Telecommunications Devices

Urethane and Epoxy Resin Potting Compounds for Telecommunications Systems

Epic Resins manufactures a variety of low cost urethane and epoxy resin potting compounds that stand up to the demanding applications in the telecommunications industries.  Our potting compounds will protect your equipment from the most demanding of environments. Our line of epoxy resins for telecommunication application is designed with electrical properties which keep your application protected and working exceptionally well. We offer everything from clear potting compound and thermally conductive epoxy to polyurethane compounds with good hydrolytic stability and low hardness to ensure you find the perfect solution to your specific telecommunication needs.

Our polyurethane resin suppliers have years of experience providing a wide range of epoxy resins and potting compounds for a variety of applications. We offer custom epoxy resin formulation for telecommunication industries to ensure we offer the most comprehensive epoxy resin options available. Trust Epic Resins’ electronic potting compound experts to provide you with exceptionally superior customer services and consistently high quality epoxy resins and potting compounds.

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