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Electronic Control Module Potting and Encapsulating Compounds

The Best Potting and Encapsulating Products for Control Modules

Epic Resins has a full line of electronic potting compounds designed to protect your control module from the elements whether chemical or natural. These electric potting resins are an excellent encapsulation compound for a variety of small sensitive electronics.  The low viscosity potting compounds easily reach intricate detailed part of you control modules and other similar electronic devices. Sensitive components are well protected and held stable with any of our high quality electric potting compounds. There are ways to remove epoxy for your potting too if you need to repair or modify an electric component.

Our epoxy and polyurethane encapsulants are used in environments that require good thermal shock and vibration resistance as well as resistance to harsh chemicals. We manufacture custom formulated epoxy resins for a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking for a thermally conductive potting compound for your control module or a custom potting resin for your unique electrical application the experts at Epic Resins can help you. 

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