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Submersible Pumps

Epoxy Potting Compounds for Submersible Pumps

Thermally Conductive Submersible Pump Potting and Casting Compounds

Epic Resins epoxy potting compounds for the submersible pump market have a proven track record of excellent field performance. Look no further than Epic Resins for a product that will produce a quality, consistent result in your application. The submersible pump potting compounds from Epic Resins are designed to provide extremely low water absorption, good chemical resistance and exceptional thermal conductivity. With a variety of submersible pump potting compounds, you will find the perfect solution to your unique pump needs. Electrical insulation and room temperature cure features make our epoxy potting compound ideal for submersible pumps and a wide variety of electrical use.

We also provide custom epoxy potting compound formulations to ensure you find the ideal potting compound for your unique application. When you are looking for low viscosity potting compound with excellent electrical and thermal properties for submersible pumps or other electrical applications, trust the epoxy manufacturers at Epic Resins.

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