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Switches / Connectors

Electrical Potting Compounds for Switches and Connectors

Sensor Encapsulating Products with Epoxy and Polyurethane Compounds

With a full line of epoxy resin and polyurethane potting compounds being used for protection of switches and connectors, Epic Resins can provide you with a material to fit the requirements of your application.  Switches and connectors require an epoxy potting compound with exceptional electrical properties. Our line of electronic potting compounds for switches and connectors feature excellent shelf life, medium to low viscosity and great penetration in tight components. Our thermally conductive potting compounds are ideal for switches, connectors, sensors and a wide variety of electrical applications.

Our staff of epoxy resin manufacturers has years of experience formulating epoxy potting compounds for a variety of uses. We offer custom electronic potting compound formulation to ensure you find the switch or connector epoxy compound you need. Whether you are looking for a consistently superior electrical potting compound or custom polyurethane resin for you unique application, Epic Resins has the affordable products for you

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