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High Performance Epoxy Resins for Motor and Stator Windings

Motor and Stator Epoxy Resin Encapsulant Products

Epic Resins manufactures a full line of epoxy resin encapsulants for motor and stator windings.  Our chemically resistant, high temperature epoxy resins will withstand your most demanding application. These thermally conductive potting compounds feature a long shelf life, ensuring our products fulfill your potting compound needs over an extended period of time. With superb electrical properties, these potting resins are perfect for a wide range of electrical and automotive uses. Epic Resins’ manufactures a variety of electric potting compounds come in a wide range of viscosities, gel times, and cured physical properties, making them ideal for almost any electrical application.

Our custom epoxy resin formulations ensure you will find the perfect potting compound for your motor and stator windings, or other electrical use. With high heat deflection, excellent heat transfer properties, and a variety of physical properties, Epic Resins’ has the potting resin you’re looking for.

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