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Epoxy and Polyurethane Potting and Encapsulating Compounds for Microelectronics

High-Quality Microelectronics Potting and Encapsulating Formulations and Products

Epic Resins has formulated a host of epoxy and urethane potting and encapsulating compounds designed to be used in microelectronic applications. Polyurethane covers a broad range of materials and can replicate virtually any type of hardness for products including gel glass thermoplastics rubber and LED compounds. Your polyurethane compounds can be formulated to resist chemicals weather damage and vibration depending on the formulation you choose. Our polyurethane potting compounds also provide excellent insulating abilities for applications requiring electrical properties. Choose from formulations varying in thickness consistency viscosity and other specifications depending on your industry and application. The polyurethane potting compound manufacturers at Epic Resins offer over the phone quotes for those who need help choosing the right formulation. No matter what your industry specifications, we offer the best polyurethane compounds for your needs. Our consistent quality means that you will have a repeatable process for high volume production.

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