03.SKC-PTI-250 / SKC-PTI-160 Product Details & Order

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03.SKC-PTI-250 / SKC-PTI-160

· The high power brushless motor was researched, developed and produced by Kilews, with 1 year warranty.

· The best choice of industrial production and assembly with heavy instant beat, can reach 3800 times per min. Best-suited for fastening the big nut for heavy industrial.

· The maximum torque can reach to 250 N.m and applicable for heavy industry assembling.

· Adopting Japanese high performance Li-ion (Li-Mn) battery which has longest standby time and lifetime.

· The cordless battery screwdriver has beep warning when the battery power caoacity ia low. The red LED will flicker when 20 left of battery power capacity and light up continuously when 10 left of battery power capacity. User can be reminded to replace the battery by the LED warning light.

· The user can base on the requirement to select HI/MID/KO torque forces via the electrical switch to prevent unnecessary hammer consumption.

· LED illumination, LED will light up while screwdriver is operating to help user to see the fastening object status and to make sure the screws are aimed to exact positions.

· In order to hold the cordledd battery screwdriver comfortably, the shape is designed to be 10 degrees elevation and balanced as good ergomomic.

· In order to extend battery operating time, the cordless screwdriver will turn to sleep mode automatically when it idled over 3 seconds. Sleep mode helps to save electricity and extend battery life time.

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