01.SKC-PTA-150/SKC-PTA-220 Product Details & Order

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· The high power brushless motor was researched, developed and produced by Kilews, with 2 year warranty.

· The best choice of industrial tool which can set the maximum torque as 22N.m, and the repeatable torque accuracy within ±3%

· Adopting Japanese high performance Lithium-ion battery which has longest standby time and lifetime.

· The cordless screwdriver will warn when low capacity. The red LED will flicker when 20% battery capacity and bright continuously when 10% battery capacity. User can be reminded to replace the battery by the LED.

· The cordless screwdriver will indicate operating correctness. The green LED will be bright and once short alarm per correct fastening screw. Conversely, the red LED will be bright and once long alarm, about 1 second.

· Illumination aide is under front shell. When using cordless screwdriver, the LED helps user work in darkness.

· The user can base on the requirement to select HI/LO speed via the electrical switch.

· In order to hold the cordless screwdriver comfortably, the shape is designed to be 10 degrees elevation and balanced as good ergonomic.

· Attaching the torque identification rings to distinguish the torque after the user adjustment. Also attaching the waist hook, side handle, suspension ring and wrist band to help the user easy to use.

· In order to save electricity, the cordless screwdriver will go to sleep mode when it idled over 3 seconds. Sleep mode helps to save electricity and enable longer operating time

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