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1.UIS 1200 Sub-Miniature Capacitance Measurement Module

UIS1200 is a tiny smart detection controller of capacitance sensor. It has high rate of quantity and price, the installation is very simple and flexible.
UIS1200 can produce excitation waveform and capacitive sensors (such as liquid level detection, proximity switches) feedback into 1 to 5 digital output level.
UIS1200 can detect the change in capacitance is less than 1pf. The intelligent adaptive control, according to the capacitance sensor and the current condition of the access automatic adjustment range and sensitivity, to obtain the best detection accuracy. Precision potentiometer comes to further adjust.
UIS1200 size is less than 17mm * 27mm. The metal shielding cover can effectively prevent the electric field outside interference and provides protection for the internal chip machine. The capacitive sensor and interface of the flexible, can be welded directly, can also use coaxial cable connector.
Signal UIS1200 capacitive sensor detection controller wiring is very intuitive. The user only needs to capacitive sensor connected to the controller. UIS1200 common scenes include: needle level detection, a container liquid level detecting and capacitance detection, connection mode are as defined in the specification. Note: if you want to use the ordinary wire connected to the measured capacitance and UIS1200 signal port (do not use coaxial cable), it should be placed in the distance of UIS1200 measured capacitor as close as possible position. Distance must use coaxial cable connection, in order to avoid the signal transmission process outside on the signal to interference.

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