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3.UID 828

UID828 is a CAN bus series digital port input and output controller, using UIROBOT SimpleCAN communication protocol. It has 8 directions and can input and output port command configuration. The 8 ports can be configured as a digital or analog input and output. The two digital I/O port can be configured as a PWM (pulse width modulation) output. PWM wave frequency and duty cycle can be adjusted through the instruction. UID828 and UIM242 series of stepping motor control driver consists of a mixture of local area network control, can also be composed of data acquisition and output control network.
The users familiar with the CAN protocol and CAN main control machine with the user, can use SimpleCAN protocol UIROBOT provide with directly to to realize the control of the motor - sensor - electromagnetic valve network .
The user not want to understand the CAN protocol or not have CAN host control can use uirobot UIM2501 CAN/RS232 converter, to control the motor - sensor - electromagnetic valve network through RS232 simple and intuitive web-based instruction, replacing the user directly using the relatively complex CAN protocol. A user's PC only need a UIM2501, can simultaneously control up to 100 sets of UID828 data acquisition system with UIM242 drive.
Control structure of UID828 is simple, high fault tolerance. The Enclosure of data acquisition is made of die-cast aluminum to provide a rugged durable protection and improves the heat dissipation.
UID828 with a 8 bit multi-function switch. Dial 1 to dial 7 at power-up, provide the address identification code UID828. Dial 8 in ON (see instructions), CAN bus terminal resistor built-in UID828 is enabled. The factory, UID828 address identification code is set to 7, at the same time not enable terminal resistance.

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