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4.UID 820

The UID820 Digital I/O Controller provides 8 multifunctional I/O ports which can be programmed through instructions. Two of these ports can be configured as PWM outputs. The PWM frequency and duty cycle are adjustable through instructions in a real-time fashion. UID820 can network with other CAN2.0B based controllers through UIM Simple CAN protocol (open source, provided by UIROBOT). For users not familiar with CAN protocol, the UIM2501 CAN/RS232 converter can be connected to the network to provide an RS232 user interface to facilitate the operation on the user side. One UIM2501 CAN/RS232 controller can manipulate a network of 100 (or less) simple CAN based controllers (e.g. UID820, UIM242, and UID900).
For users that prefer using their own CAN master devices (e.g. PCI-CAN card or MCUs), UIROBOT also provides the open source Simple CAN protocol.
UID820 I/O controller also features simple and intuitive instructions. Furthermore, the die-cast aluminum enclosure provides a rugged durable protection and improves the heat dissipation.

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