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5.USBC 9100

USBC9100 is compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0 bus, industrial intelligent data interface of CAN with 1 CAN interface card using USBC9100 intelligent CAN converter, PC can be connected through the USB bus to CAN network, composed of laboratory, industrial control, such as intelligent community CAN network in the field of data processing, data acquisition.
USBC9100 intelligent CAN converter CAN product development, CAN data analysis tools; at the same time, has the advantages of small volume, plug-and-play features, is the best choice for portable users of the system.
With photoelectric isolation module USBC9100 intelligent CAN converter, the isolation voltage up to 2500V, the USBC9100 intelligent CAN converter to avoid damage due to circulation, enhance the reliability of the system used in harsh environments.
UUSBC9100 intelligent CAN converter with driver in Win9X/Me, Win2000/XP, Server 2003, Vista 7, Win work, and provides VB, VC, C++ under the routine use
USBC9100 intelligent CAN converter with 1 CAN channel, a maximum of 100 sets of equipment for superposition, can be connected to an CAN-bus network or CAN-bus interface.
USBC9100 intelligent CAN converter and CAN-bus bus connection, only need to be CANL CANL, CANH CANH signal. CAN-bus network adopts the linear topological structure, the 2 terminal bus terminal installation needs 120 Ω resistor; if the number of nodes is greater than 2, the intermediate nodes do not need to install terminal resistance of 120 ohms. For the branch connection, its length should not exceed 3 meters.

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