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6.PCI 120 PCI-CAN Control Card

The PCI120 interface card integrated 2 CAN channel, can be connected to the CAN bus and CAN2.0B protocol (2.0A compatible) data communication. Compatible with PCI2.2 specification, plug-and-play.
PEach CAN channel of PCI120 interface card are integrated electrical isolation protection, complete the surge protection, strong anti-interference ability, CAN interface is a stable performance, reliable communication card.
The PCI120 interface card supports the 5Kbps ~ 1Mbps between the baud rate, provides the driver, a plurality of operating system and with VB, VC, C++Builder, Dephi, VB2003, Labview under the routine application. To various application needs real customer, provide solution reliability, high efficiency for industrial communication in CAN network.
The PCI120 CAN interface card is electrostatic sensitive products, the factory located in the special protection bag. Therefore, in the operation of the interface card, please pay attention to take the necessary protective measures, to ensure that the interface card is not damaged.
Hardware installation in the PC under the condition of power failure, also, to remove the PCI120 interface card shall be carried out in the PC power of the state.

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