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UIC900 is used for UIM2501 CAN/RS232 protocol converter. With UIM2501, users can also control up to 100 devices based on RS232 protocol, such as a bar code scanning equipment. The UIC900 instruction is simple in structure, high fault tolerance. The user need not about the knowledge of CAN protocol. Enclosure is made of die-cast aluminum to provide a rugged durable protection and improve the heat dissipation.
UIC900 protocol converter with a 8 bit dial switch. The dial switch with multiple functions. Dial 1 to dial 7 at power-up, provides the identification code / protocol converter. Dial 8 placed at ON (see instructions), converter built-in terminal resistor is enabled. Under normal circumstances, please keep the dial switch factory position unchanged, that is not enabled state.
Connection protocol converter of UIC900 type can be divided into single operations and network operation two. Stand-alone operation refers to a CAN host (e.g. UIROBOT UIM2501 RS232/CAN control of a UIC900 converter) only. Network operation refers to the use of CAN bus network, a host CAN (such as UIM2501) coupled with multiple (up to 100) UIC900

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