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Micro motion control computer or microprocessor for short is a sort of “Industrial Lego bricks”. It contains one industrial computer of 4 core 1.2GHz and 3D Graphics accelerator, interpolation motion control card of 100 axes linkage and all functions of PLC.All of the functions(PC+motion control card+PLC)are integrated into a shell, which size of a cigarette case. It equipped with standard Linux, Windows system, corresponding development environment and operating interface, which no difference with any ordinary computer for use. It can be used in coordination with the motion control execution module, sensor module, I/O and human-computer interaction modules, which all from development of UIROBOT and building a complete motion control system network. All the technology and software of motion control, sensor and machine vision are packaged within the operating system. The user, who only have ordinary programming ability, can use C, C++, Java, VB, Delphi and other commonly programming language to complete the design and development of complex motion control equipment. Cooperated with graphical programming tools from UIROBOT, ordinary technical person can also complete the design and development of high-end equipment and transformation. It’s power-and go and can be debugged with the demo software of UIROBOT. There is no need to worry about the real time synchronization, stable and reliable, as well as maintenance upgrades and other issues.

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