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02. ThingWorx Utilities

With ThingWorx Utilities IoT application features, users can easily manage the performance of Connected Products.

Easy management for Connected Things
Innovative IoT developers are already creating Connected Things and IoT applications for our smart and connected world. Still, there is day-to-day business where analysts need to define, monitor, manage, and optimize their performance. In turn, developers need tools to customize IoT apps; only then will they live up to the ideas of their company. These tools must be easy to use so that people with no developer skills can work with them.
With ThingWorx Utilities, on the one hand, you can create so-called mashups yourself by building your own apps using ready- made functions. On the other hand, the utilities provide ready-made apps that are ready for use and can be customized.

Define: Identify the needs of IoT initiatives and learn how to build IoT apps to meet their needs.
Monitor connected devices: remote access, interaction and control
Manage: Create, edit, and run business processes associated with IoT apps.
Optimize: Integrate IoT apps and information with existing systems.

Asset Management

Once you have created an asset , monitor and manage it with Asset Management. So you can access machines and devices from a safe distance and transfer files from your PC and support the operation.

  • Create, edit, activate and deactivate assets
  • Dashboard and details of the assets
  • Configurable search of assets
  • Secure remote connection
  • Bidirectional data transfer

Alert Management

Alert Management allows you to view and interact with any alerts you have added to your assets. This allows you to easily embed alerts in your IoT solutions and manage them scalably.

  • Real-time and Timeline Alert Dashboard
  • Individual details of all alerts
  • Sort and filter
  • Feedback of all alerts
  • Integrated in asset management


With Workflow Builder and Management, you can quickly and easily create automated and reusable workflows that can be triggered by an alert, for example. Once initiated, the workflow follows the route you have specified.

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Create, edit, activate and deactivate workflows
  • Decision support through logical branches
  • Validation of your workflows
  • Dashboard and metrics

Integration Hub

The ThingWorx Integration Hub can provide real-time data from Connected Products to existing systems and processes without having to disassemble or replace them. In addition, the hub provides a standardized framework for quickly implementing integrations. Afterwards they will be used for the further development of IoT solutions. You can create integration operations yourself for a wide variety of areas of your business.


  • operation management
  • process monitoring
  • asset management
  • Supply chain and logistics

Customer Service:

  • Management of customer relations
  • service switch
  • Field Service Management
  • Spare Parts Management

Sales and Marketing:

  • Management of customer relations
  • sales Automation
  • marketing Automation

Product development:

  • CAD
  • PLM


  • accounting
  • accounting

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