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04. ThingWorx Studio


Augmented Reality (AR) presents both opportunities and challenges for developers deploying applications with AR at scale. The creation of compelling experiences for the enterprise has been historically difficult, limiting the reach of how much and what can be developed.
Despite these challenges, enterprises continue to explore the new possibilities and value that AR can provide - to improve service, operation, engineering, and manufacturing. However, to be successful, they need a scalable solution that can be connected with real-time contextualized information and be delivered it in a way that is immersive, easy to understand, and actionable.
Meet ThingWorx Studio
ThingWorx Studio is a powerful solution for creating, deploying, and consuming game-changing AR experiences in the enterprise. The easy-to-use, “drag and drop” interface enables industrial stakeholders quickly create and share scalabe AR experiences without requiring programming skills.
With ThingWorx Studio, content creators can:
• Author and publish compelling experiences in minutes without the need to write code
• Develop production-ready AR experiences for Microsoft Hololens
• Easily create highly-immerse, markerless interactions with support for Apple ARKit and Google ARCore
• Leverage existing 3D content to reduce the cost and complexity of content creation
• Simplify enterprise sharing of experiences using a single, universal viewer application
• Quickly import visual step-by-step instructions created in Creo Illustrate
• Enhance experiences with IoT and business system data via the ThingWorx platform
ThingWorx Studio Free Trial
Gain competitive advantage and get to value faster by participating in the ThingWorx Studio Free Trial. To learn more, visit studio.thingworx.com.

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