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50528 - ZERO VOLT MONITOR - Desco

·     Dual Wire Continuous Monitors provide redundancy; even if one dual wire wrist strap conductor is severed, operator has reliable path-to-ground with the other wire.

·         Most advanced means of monitoring the ground path for operators, workstations, and equipment

·         Zero Volt technology applies equal and opposite test voltage on each dual-wire line, yielding near zero volts on the operator

·         Adjustable audible alarm level

·         For use with dual-wire wrist straps

·         Replaceable remote jacks

·         Durable stainless steel enclosure

·         Operator test voltage: 1.25 VDC 

·         Operator charge detection

·         Test for proper calibration with the 50524 Dual-Wire Monitor Limit Comparator

·         Made in the United States of America


US Patents 6,205,408 and 6,502,053


Note: Work surface must have a conductive layer such as Dual Layer Rubber or Dual Layer or Dissipative 3-Layer Vinyl or Micastat® Dissipative Laminate with conductive buried layers. Our Continuous Monitors are not recommended for use with homogeneous matting.

“Activities that handle items that are susceptible to less than 100 volts HBM may require additional control elements or adjusted limits.” [ANSI/ESD S20.20 section 2.0]

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