Tripod Trunstile LB-S03QD Product Details & Order

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Tripod Trunstile LB-S03QD

Size:                  Depends on the product model you choose.

Material:            304 Stainless steel (Thickness: Cover 1.5 mm, Cabinet 1.2 mm)
Passage width: 550mm (can be customized)
Power input:      AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Open:                Unidirectional or Bi-directional
Working Temp:  -30°C~ +70°C
Communication: Relay Signal (Dry contact), TCP/IP, RS485
Service life:        > 5 million times 
Support Access Control System: ID/IC card, Fingerprint, Face recognition, Barcode/QR code, phone app, ESD system, Visitor system, etc.

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