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Vacuum Drying

Revolutionise Your Drying Processes with Our Versatile Vacuum Drying Ovens - Ideal for Sensitive Components and Precise Heat Testing

Our range of vacuum drying ovens have many applications, including drying out pcbs, electrical components and small assemblies, other components, and materials and, if required, vacuum storage. It can also be used for testing the above for tolerance to heat and for processes such as curing, annealing and baking.

Vacuum drying is an essential ‘mass-transfer’ operation to remove moisture; it is generally used for the drying of substances that are hygroscopic and heat sensitive and is based on the principle of creating a vacuum that will decrease the pressure below the vapour pressure of the moisture. In other words, it reduces the ‘boiling point’ of the liquid to a safe level.

It can be a useful tool for solid products that are heat sensitive. Drying is an essential operation in a variety of chemical process industries such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Vacuum Ovens work better than conventional ovens because they remove a potential source of contamination.

For example, heating components and materials to high temperatures in conventional ovens can cause rapid oxidation, which is usually undesirable.

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