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Air Treatment (ATU)

Innovative Air Treatment Units (ATUs) : Customised Solutions for Challenging Testing Scenarios by CVMS Climatic

The air treatment unit (ATU) is designed to provide a solution to the problem faced when the test item cannot easily be accommodated inside a standard test chamber or even a walk-in facility. It may be that the dimensions will not fit or perhaps there is a test rig or apparatus that also needs to be installed either inside or outside the conditioned test area. A simple insulated enclosure is constructed around the test item, keeping any mechanical rigs or electronic test equipment safely outside.

The ATU will condition air to the correct temperature before delivery to the test item via insulated hoses. Long-term conditioning or temperature cycling can be applied, and our standard ATU model will comply with many of the test standards in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.

ATUs can be designed and built to meet specific requirements and bespoke enclosures, hoses or insulated ducting can also be supplied.

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