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Projects are big. Time is limited. Goals are bigger than ever. Choose strategic partnerships so you can remain agile and adjust to challenges that arise.
Epic Resins' value-added epoxies and polyurethanes include: 
  • Extended Testing Capabilities: Our dedicated R & D team can be an extension of your engineering department. Reduce time to market, rapid design iteration & accelerate execution.
  • Raw Material Stability: Avoid project bottlenecks, plan ahead & store ahead. Leverage our relationships and good standing with material and chemical suppliers to your benefit. 
  • Supply Chain Strength: Evaluate your supply lines, pick a reputable manufacturer with a local presence. If you are looking to onshore, we are a North American manufacturer.

Gain peace of mind by partnering with over 60 years of experience. We can tailor our solutions to meet your specific product needs. 
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Electronic Potting

Formulated for consistent material performance, with excellent dielectric properties, electrical insulation resistance, thermal conductivity, adhesion and cure speed.


LED Encapsulants 

For cost-effective, reliable LED encapsulation compounds designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, we have your answer.



formulated to maximize your production capabilities. We will work with you to determine the best adhesive for your substrates and processing requirements.


Edge Molding

Find the flexibility to create tables with variable aesthetics and protective characteristics because of our ability to formulate the exact resin you need.



Tailored epoxies and polyurethanes for lamination, encapsulation and casting of composite materials, lending added strength and durability to your OEM products.



Guard against battery damage by providing shock resistance, moisture protection and improved thermal stability; giving you better performance and more durable products.



From fungus resistant polyurethanes for pool and spa filters to high temperature resistant epoxy resins designed for aerospace, we provide solutions to your filtration needs.

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