ROKAE Collaborative Robots.

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Emphasizing small size and stability. These robots are intended for use in workplaces alongside humans.

ROKAE Collaborative Robots.

ROKAE Collaborative Robots is a manufacturer of robots designed for human-robot collaboration, emphasizing small size and stability. These robots are intended for use in workplaces alongside humans, particularly in limited spaces or low-risk environments. They can enhance efficiency and standardization in manufacturing processes by safely and effectively working alongside humans.


As the world's leading next-generation intelligent robotics expert, ROKAE has been focusing on the research and innovation of flexible collaborative robots, industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing technology. Boasting high-performance control systems with proprietary intellectual properties and a comprehensive and industry-leading product matrix, ROKAE is committed to providing automated and intelligent solutions to industries such as auto parts, electronics, metals, automatic sewing, and healthcare, taking the industry to the next level. As of now, ROKAE has grown into a leading player in China's robotics industry. 

Headquartered in Shandong, ROKAE has set up robotics R&D centers in Beijing, Tokyo, Wuhan, and Shandong. More than 80% of the R&D staff hold a master's degree or above, most of whom have graduated from prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beihang University, Zhejiang University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. With the self-owned factory boasting the annual production capacity of 20,000 robots, ROKAE has established a service system covering mainland China consisting of sales, technical support, and automation solutions. 

ROKAE has attracted excellent talents worldwide and continuously invested in R&D. Owning more than 300 R&D patents and technology awards at home and abroad, ROKAE has become a well-acknowledged company in the robotics industry.


Collaborative Robots

The global labor shortage has created increasing demands for robots in industrial production. As robots are adopted in more and more applications, they are required to be safer, more flexible, and easier to use. The introduction of collaborative robots paves the way for human-robot collaboration, but their application faces huge challenges in many scenarios, such as high-precision assembly in industrial production, compliant human-robot interaction in wellness physiotherapy, and high-precision operations in medical surgery, to name just a few. To satisfy these new scenarios, new robot technologies are needed.


ROKAE's new-generation flexible collaborative robots come with intelligent force sensing and vision. This allows the original open-loop teaching-execution process to be replaced with an intelligent closed-loop process that features dynamic interaction with the environment, making possible safe and accurate interaction between the environment and people. The disruptive innovation enables the robots to unlock more scenarios and become a partner you can rely on in production.

  • CR Series

  • CR-C Series

  • SR Series

  • SR-C Series

  • ER Series

ROKAE Industrial Robots

Every second and every motion of industrial robots matter throughout manufacturing, and that explains why robot reliability and speed come first for ROKAE. Thanks to the various working ranges and load capacities, as well as the perfect combination of high precision and high speed, ROKAE industrial robots have been widely used in all kinds of production processes, including loading and unloading, deburring, testing, gluing, sorting, assembly, and handling, ever since their advent and have manifested outstanding performance in every industry.

After years of updating and improving, ROKAE robots have become faster and more reliable, with more functions integrated into a compact size. That makes applications easier, production more stable, and intelligent manufacturing more efficient.

  • XB7 Series

  • XB10 Series

  • NB12 Series

  • XB20 Series

  • NB25 Series

  • NB80 Series

  • NB220 Series

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