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Air motors are a powerful and flexible technology. which has been developed to meet the needs of various industries variously From the production of manual tools to machinery in the industrial sector Air motors have several outstanding features. This makes it an ideal choice in many industries, such as its robustness, compact design, safety, and flexibility in customization.

Manual Tools 

For pneumatic strapping tools, #Fiam provides compact, lightweight air motors designed to fit within the tool housing. The motors are air-powered to allow operation in areas with electromagnetic interference. Special galvanic treatments increase corrosion resistance for use without lubricated air. In one case study, Fiam created a fully customized 200W high rpm motor with custom gearing to package it within the very tight space constraints.



Food Industry 

For sausage casing clippers, #Fiam builds water-resistant stainless steel 150W motors that meet high food hygiene standards. The motor construction with double-lip seals and special threaded sealants allow frequent washdowns while preventing water/detergent ingress.



Medical Equipment

#Fiam's 280W stainless steel motors power the door mechanisms on autoclaves for sterilizing hospital instruments. The motors can withstand high heat up to 130°C and high humidity while providing frequent start/stop operation. Galvanic treatments on the internal components increase corrosion resistance.




For machining arms and tapping operations, #Fiam provides high torque steel motors from 300-600W with manual starting levers. The rugged motors can handle heavy-duty machining work while the lever allows manual starting.




For capping bottles with flammable liquids, #Fiam's air motors avoid electrical ignition sources. 150-300W models use special seals to resist corrosive liquids like acids. Customized smooth output shafts integrate accessories for screwing on caps, utilizing the motor's stall torque.

Paper Industry

#Fiam's 280W motors drive the cleaning rollers that remove ink on paper machinery. The motors can start under load against heavy rollers and allow continuous operation with frequent start/stop cycles, while avoiding fire risks by using compressed air instead of electricity.


#Case study: Application of #air motors in the food industry

in the food industry Air motors are used in packaging cutting and labeling machines. They must have special properties to meet cleanliness and safety requirements for use with food. Air motors used in this industry must therefore have stainless steel construction. With a special coating to prevent corrosion. and uses a special seal that protects against water and chemical contamination. In addition, the air motor must be able to withstand washing with water and cleaning agents. To comply with strict hygiene standards

#Case study: Application of #air motors in the medical industry

in the medical industry Air motors are used in sterilizers for medical instruments. These motors must have special properties to withstand high heat and high humidity. This is because they must work in an environment that must be sterilized using steam and water mist. The air motor used in the sterilizer must therefore be stainless steel. and has a special coating to increase corrosion resistance. In addition, it must be able to work continuously and withstand frequent opening and closing.

These #case studies demonstrate that #airmotors have the features to meet the needs of various industries. very well With strength, safety and flexibility in customization. This makes #airmotors an attractive option for users in a variety of industries.

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