NEW Dual Operator Workstation Continuous Monitors

Posted 27 Jul 2022 13:35 | 902 views

Designed with Wave Distortion Technology is the Most Reliable Technology for the Continuous Monitoring of Single-Wire (Conductor) Wrist Straps


          The Desco Dual Operator Continuous Monitor is a workstation continuous monitor. It continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity of two operators and one ESD worksurface. Mounting tabs make it suitable to install in workbench or equipment settings, and the Visual Status Display can be placed to increase alarm visibility. It may be connected to the 19323 Power Relay accessory to control power to electronic devices at the workbench dependent on the continuous monitor's status.

          The Dual Operator Continuous Monitor is designed with Wave Distortion Technology to provide stable continuous monitoring of the path-to-ground and presence of 1 megohm resistance of an operator’s wrist strap. Audio and visual alarms activate (in less than 500 milliseconds) when the operator unintentionally disconnects from the monitor, or the wrist strap connection points are intermittent. The Dual Operator Continuous Monitor also monitors for a worksurface path-to-ground of less than 10 megohms and the integrity of the electrical ground used to by the monitor All Dual Operator Continuous Monitors are calibrated to NIST standards and include a certificate.

Using the Dual Operator Continuous Monitor at a one-person workstation

Using the Dual Operator Continuous Monitor at a two-person workstation

Parking two wrist cords onto the Dual Operator Continuous Monitor

Desco 98221 Wave Distortion Monitor Verification Tester


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