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We will make a better indoor environment.

AIR MAX-Clean Mat


Just like a vacuum cleaner, AIRMAX Clean Mat sucks and blocks harmful substances, including fine dust, sand, bacteria, etc. which flow in through shoes for a pleasant indoor environment. When people step on or approach to the mat, it detects that and activates the motor to suck the foreign matters into the internal mat as the area of the activated. In addition, it maximizes the rate of removal of foreign matters into the mat through the external air inflow valve by our patented inducing technology.



With the sensor-detecting type that is activated when people step on or approach, it prevents harmful substances from coming indoors just by walking on the mat.
Powerful Durability
Made with STS304, it’s resistant to external shock and corrosion, and can be used for a long period of time without any problems even in case of rain.
Simple Maintenance and Management
It’s easy to handle, and a dust bag that collects dust can be exchanged with no special tools.


  • First developed in Korea (patent registered)
  • Available for all kinds of shoes
  • Maintains suction power by using the sphere-shaped sporting goods made with STS304 material
  • Air suction system (foreign matters stuck in the bottom of a shoe is removable)
  • Can be customized for the installation site
  • Air cleaning function
  • Covers a large area with a low-capacity motor (less than 400W)



Installed at where people mainly come in or out, it sucks and blocks foreign matters that are stuck on the bottom of a shoe and flowed in indoors.
It can be customized for the installation site, and has an incline at a length of around 50 mm preventing tripping over.



It prevents foreign substances not only stuck on the bottom of a shoe but also gathered on the wheels of heavy equipment, such as hand truck, forklift truck, etc. It can bear the weight of up to five tons, and thanks to its 150 mm of incline, ensures smooth movement of object-carrying hand trucks and forklift trucks.



As a model installed between gates where people and hand trucks access, it provides the sense of unity with the gate and more effectively blocks foreign matters because the mat must be stepped on to enter.



As a model installed in the air shower, it is produced suitable for the inside air shower, and its dust collector is installed at where the motor of air shower is. It works while the air shower is activated, and is effective for particle management in a clean room as it blocks foreign substances stuck on the bottom of a shoe as well as dust by sucking with the wind from the air shower.


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