3 Types of Ionization

Posted 13 Mar 2023 09:19 | 700 views

Alternating Current (AC)

AC Ionizers use a transformer to multiply the AC power line voltage. AC stands for Alternating Current, meaning the power cycles from positive to negative sixty times per second (60Hz). Thus, producing both positive and negative ions from the same points or emitters. The drawback of this approach is that many ions recombine due to the cycle frequency being too fast. Causing a longer decay time. For this reason, most AC ionizers rely on high-speed air flow.




Pulsed Direct Current (DC)

Pulsed DC ionizers utilize separate power supplies to generate positive and negative voltages. Usually, each power supply has its own dedicated emitters. The power supply alternates between positive and negative, but usually at a lower frequency than AC units. This reduces ion recombination and increases performance. Allowing for a reduction in airflow, making it more comfortable for the operator. The drawback is there are long periods of single polarity ionization, resulting in a high offset voltage, and it requires additional distance from the work area. 




Steady State Direct Current (DC)

Steady-state DC ionizers also use separate power supplies and emitters. Yet instead, both supplies are on all the time, as the name implies. As expected, there is some degree of recombination. However, the ion density is still greater, due to the continuous operation of both supplies. The offset or balance voltage at the output will usually be more consistent than pulse units. Experience has found these work well with a modest airflow, making them suitable for sensitive items, soldering operations, and where operator comfort is a concern. 




Featured Ionizers

Ionizer: Bench Top Zero Volt Ionizer
Technology: Steady State Direct Current (DC)
Features: Steady-state DC systems consist of separate negative and positive ion emitters connected by a pair of high-voltage cables to their respective high-voltage power supplies. DC power is constantly applied to the emitter points. The ionizer utilizes patented capacitance-based sampling from its internal sensor to continuously adjust the output, maintain its offset voltage, and minimize maintenance.


Ionizer: Ionized Air Gun
echnology: Steady State Direct Current (DC)
Features: Proprietary technology provides constantly balanced ionization for consistent control of surface charges. The Ionized Air Gun virtually never needs adjustment and requires very little maintenance.


Source: staticcontrol.descoindustries.com