Technology Deep Dive: High-Frequency Spindle Motor Sycotec - The Key to Premium Level CNC Work.

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High-frequency rotating motor Sycotec is like the heart that drives premium CNC work, this cutting-edge technology enhances efficiency, accuracy, and durability of your CNC work.

Working principle of Sycotec spindle motor.

Sycotec rotary motors operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The rotor spins at high speeds when an electric current flows through the electromagnetic coil. The rotation speed can be precisely controlled, allowing for customizable operations suitable for a variety of materials and tasks.


Compare Sycotec spindle motors with conventional motors.

Sycotec spindle motors are superior to conventional motors in many ways:

  • Speed: The Sycotec spindle motor spins at very high speeds (up to 24,000 rpm), allowing for fast and time-saving work.
  • Accuracy: Sycotec spindle motors are extremely accurate (plus or minus 0.005 mm), allowing for precision and precision work.
  • DURABILITY: Sycotec spindle motors are made from high quality materials. Durable for heavy use
  • Smoothness: The Sycotec spindle motor runs smoothly. Little vibration Helps the work be of good quality.
  • Noise: Sycotec spindle motors are quieter than conventional motors.


Advantages of using Sycotec spindle motors

  • Increase work efficiency

  • Increase the accuracy of work

  • Increase durability

  • increase smoothness

  • Reduce noise

  • Easy to use

  • safe

Applications of Sycotec spindle motors

Sycotec spindle motors are suitable for various types of CNC work such as

  • Metal milling

  • wood carving

  • Acrylic cutting work

  • Hole drilling work

  • Forming work


Sycotec spindle motors are state-of-the-art technology that takes your CNC work to the next level. With efficiency, precision, durability and smoothness. Sycotec spindle motors are the perfect choice for premium CNC applications.

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Note : 

  • The information in this article is general. Users should refer to further details about Sycotec high-frequency rotating motors before use.

  • Users should choose the Sycotec rotary motor that is suitable for their work and CNC machines.