Why choose? Collaborative Robots work in industry

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Collaborative Robots, or Cobot, are robots designed to work safely and efficiently alongside humans.

What are Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative Robots, or "Cobots" for short, are robots designed to work safely and efficiently alongside humans. Unlike traditional industrial robots, which often operate in separate, isolated areas, Cobots are equipped with sensors and control systems that enable them to work alongside humans without the need for cages or barriers. Additionally, they can easily adapt to and learn new tasks, making them suitable for use in diverse and complex environments.

Rokae is a leading company specializing in the development and production of collaborative robots, designed to meet the needs of various industries. With a vision to become a global leader, Rokae is committed to creating innovations and technologies that enhance efficiency and safety in human-robot collaboration. This dedication has made Rokae a recognized name in the industrial robotics industry worldwide.

Why Choose Collaborative Robots

Extreme Safety
● Sensitivity improved by 10 times thanks to the collision detection by torque sensors
● More than 21 TÜV functional safety features, meets functional safety standards: ISO 13849-1, ISO 10218-1/PL d, Cat. 3; ISO 15066
● Dual-channel redundant monitoring of sensor information and an independently certified safety controller
● The position holding accuracy is better than ±0.1mm when power on and off, powered by suction contracting brake and dynamic feedforward compensation

Superior Performance
● Cutting-edge motion control technologies for industrial robots: OptiMotion, TrueMotion, and SyncMotion
● First-class robot path accuracy supported by dynamic feedforward compensation and dynamic modeling based on over 2000 parameters
● Payload capacity increased by 20% thanks to the customized motor drive control system

Compliant Flexibility
● Powerful yet flexible robot control based on force-position hybrid control framework
● Force control task efficiency improved by over 3 times through highly dynamic force control
● Fine grinding and precision assembly with no extension required thanks to built-in joint sensors and complete force control process kit

Ease of Use
● Direct teaching control with 1N based on point position and continuous trajectory
● Graphical programming interface with flowcharts enables users to get started within 1 hour
● Friendly development and open ecosystem support 100+ ecosystem extension tools of 5 categories
● Proprietary Rokae Studio offline programming software that supports the simulation for all models
● A control-cabinet-less design is available, reduceing system weight by 50% and allowing for fast installation and flexible deployment

Excellent Reliability
● Motion planning based on dynamics constraints delivers high performance, overload protection, and an extended service life
● 100+ design verification experiments, 20+ factory tests, and MTBF > 80,000 h
● IP67 protection level satisfies the demands of harsh industrial applications

See more information on the Collaborative series. Robots and Specifications can be found here : https://www.mostori.com/rokae-robotics-products-gs90.html

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