How ROKAE Mobile Manipulators Revolutionize Tasks Across Multiple Industries

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Mobile manipulators combine functions of "hand, foot, eye, and brain" to handle intricate and complex tasks with agility. Leveraging years of technical expertise, ROKAE has successfully developed the high-performance CMR series mobile manipulators. These robots seamlessly integrate the strengths of flexible cobots, mobile bases, 2D/3D vision systems, and end-of-arm tools, making them ideal for tasks like machine loading/unloading, inspection, and assembly.

Advantages of the CMR Series Mobile Manipulators

Oil-Resistant Capability : Enhanced support and suspension system with anti-slip tire treads ensure ±10mm positioning accuracy even on oily surfaces.

High Protection Level : End-effectors rated at IP67 effectively resist oil and liquid splashes, ensuring stable operation in harsh environments.

Rapid Deployment : Modular programs allow for easy replication; debugging a single machine tool enables mass deployment.

Safety and Stability : 360° radar for comprehensive monitoring, instant obstacle detection, collision warnings, and four-way emergency stop protection.

Open Integration : Cabinet-free design enhances flexibility, integrating multiple sensors to adapt to dynamic and complex work scenarios.

Flexible Control : Combines force control and precision compensation technologies for accurate operations, utilizing 2D/3D vision systems and laser SLAM navigation for adaptive environmental mapping without requiring modifications.

Typical Application Scenarios

01 Optical Equipment Processing Machine Loading/Unloading

Challenges :

Precision requirement of ±0.5mm.

High cleanliness standards; environmental contamination affects product quality.

Solution :

High dynamic force control combined with 2D vision compensation ensures end-effector precision of ±0.5mm, preventing defects like collisions and scratches.

Integration of machine tools, 2D vision, and barcode scanners allows one mobile manipulator to serve 12 machines, significantly improving production efficiency.

Unique double-seal technology and integrated body design prevent lubricant leakage, maintaining cleanliness.


02 3D Printer Loading/Unloading

Challenges :

High precision required for the robot's end-effector.

Manual loading/unloading lacks precision and efficiency, causing delays in production.

Solution :

High dynamic force control with precise laser SLAM algorithms and QR code repositioning ensures accurate material handling.

One mobile manipulator services 7 devices, with 5 units coordinating for 24-hour operation, increasing efficiency by over 40%.


03 Panel Processing Loading/Unloading

Challenges :

Fragile materials require ±0.5mm precision in handling.

Solution :

2D vision compensation for end-effector ensures ±0.5mm precision in gripping and placing.

Built-in high-precision torque sensors in each joint monitor and adjust force in real-time, preventing material damage and improving yield.

24-hour operation reduces workforce by 80%, increasing efficiency by 30%.


04 Pipeline Inspection

Challenges :

Complex pipelines make manual inspection labor-intensive and inefficient, with high risks of missed inspections.

Harsh environments pose significant safety risks.

Solution :

Laser SLAM navigation for intelligent environment perception and autonomous path planning.

Rigorously tested robots ensure long-term stable operation in complex environments, enabling unattended inspection and reducing safety risks.


05 Surface Inspection of Power Components

Challenges :

Large components are easily damaged.

Uneven ground and changing environments affect positioning.

Solution :

Large payload cobots with built-in force control and vision systems perform high-precision surface inspections, preventing scratches.

Optimized SLAM algorithms and reflective markers enable flexible path planning and strong environmental adaptability.


06 Automatic Car Charging

Challenges :

Robots must adapt to vehicle parking errors and possess strong force control capabilities.

Solution :

ROKAE cobots use high dynamic force control combined with vision-based positioning and force-controlled search planning to accommodate positional errors during movement, ensuring flexible plug-in and reducing wear on charging components.

One mobile manipulator can handle multiple charging requests, intelligently planning paths for various environments.


07 Flexible Assembly

Challenges :

Involves multiple stations for material transfer, loading/unloading, screw tightening, and inspection.

High precision required for assembly.

Solution :

cobots with force control and vision systems ensure high-precision operations.

Integration of mobile and cobots with a digital twin platform creates an intelligent flexible production line for comprehensive assembly applications.


08 Fruit and Vegetable Picking

Challenges :

Traditional manual picking faces issues like seasonal dependency, low efficiency, and labor shortages.

Solution :

Vision systems enable precise tasks like picking, placing, and basket handling.

Equipped with multiple sensors, the robot's arm and base adeptly handle complex environments, enhancing picking efficiency and quality, reducing labor costs, and optimizing agricultural production.


ROKAE Robotics will continue to refine and enhance its mobile manipulator products, helping more industries achieve significant efficiency improvements and unexpected gains, driving the entire sector towards a new era of intelligent manufacturing.


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