ROKAE Large Payload Industrial Robots in Heavy-Duty Handling, Polishing, and Palletizing Applications

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With the acceleration of automation, industrial settings have placed higher demands on the productivity of large-size and heavy-weight product handling. As a leading global expert in next-generation intelligent robots, ROKAE Robotics has developed a lineup of large payload industrial robots ranging from 3kg to 220kg. Its large payload industrial robot series, known for its strong performance and reliability, has become the ideal choice for various heavy-duty applications in industries such as automotive, lithium battery, metalworking, building materials, and daily chemicals.

Product Overview

ROKAE large payload industrial robots comprise the NB80 and NB220 series, featuring five models in total. With a focus on surpassing the payload capacity and reach of comparable products, these robots are developed using high-performance and high-reliability techniques. They integrate international advanced technology solutions while deeply integrating the advantages of China's local supply chain to ensure outstanding quality and long-term reliability of the products.

Key Advantages

1. Payload & Reach

Larger payload capacity and longer reach
The ROKAE NB80 series offers a maximum payload of 80kg and a reach of up to 2600mm, while the NB220 series supports a maximum payload of 220kg with a reach of up to 3201mm. This makes them suitable for various heavy-load and long-reach applications.

Strong wrist payload capacity
ROKAE's large payload industrial robots feature a strong wrist payload capacity, allowing torque and permissible inertia to exceed leading levels in the same category. They can perform more stable and precise movements for large-size, high-inertia, and off-center workpieces, reducing production downtime and improving maintenance performance.

2. Speed & Accuracy

High-speed performance with excellent axis performance
Equipped with a high-rigidity robot body and the self-developed high-performance xCore control system, along with years of continuous optimization and iteration of servo and motion control systems, ROKAE's large payload robots exhibit excellent high-speed characteristics. The robots can move, place, and accelerate/decelerate workpieces quickly and stably, significantly improving production efficiency.

3. Reliability

Excellent sealing performance
Double-seal design at joints significantly reduces the risk of lubricant and debris leakage inside the robot. Additionally, based on comprehensive understanding of oil leakage-related design principles, installation techniques, component quality, and manufacturing processes, ROKAE Robotics controls oil leakage risks throughout the entire process.

Higher protection rating
Wrist IP67 and body IP65 protection ratings, combined with the compact IP54-rated control cabinet designed by ROKAE, can handle various complex and harsh working conditions with ease. Furthermore, all components and the entire machine undergo strict quality inspections and obtain multiple international authoritative certifications such as CE, CR, KCs, and EAC, effectively ensuring reliability during long-term operation.


Application Scenarios

ROKAE NB80 and NB220 series of large payload industrial robots have made significant strides in handling, loading/unloading, polishing, and palletizing applications across multiple industries, including automotive, lithium battery, building materials, and daily chemical.


1. Handling and Loading of Large Parts

In industrial production scenarios such as automotive, lithium battery, home appliances, and building materials, workpieces often weigh over a hundred kilograms, presenting challenges for automation in handling and loading/unloading.

ROKAE's large payload industrial robots excel in these applications with their robust wrist payload capacity and compact design, particularly for handling large and heavy workpieces. Coupled with high-precision vision systems, they ensure accurate handling of lithium battery components. Additionally, ROKAE's robots feature joint double-seal design and wrist protection up to IP67, allowing stable operation even in complex and harsh conditions, ultimately enhancing automation and improving working environments for operators.

2. High-Rigidity Polishing

In tunnel pipe segment production, manual polishing using handheld tools like scrapers and polishing discs is becoming less efficient due to labor shortages and low productivity.

ROKAE's large payload industrial robots, equipped with high-rigidity bodies and the proprietary xCore control system, demonstrate outstanding performance in speed, precision, and reliability, ideal for high-rigidity polishing applications. ROKAE also pioneers intelligent vision and force control systems in polishing, enabling robots to recognize and handle workpiece information while providing precise polishing pressure, suitable for aluminum casting, steel casting, forging, plastics, and various other workpieces.

3. Packing and Palletizing

Manual palletizing is a common yet labor-intensive process in industries such as home appliances, food, and daily chemical, facing challenges of labor shortages and rising labor costs.

ROKAE NB80 and NB220 series of industrial robots with large payloads and extended reach offer significant advantages in palletizing operations, automating tasks to improve production efficiency and product quality while enhancing working conditions for operators.

Moving forward, ROKAE will continue to leverage its strengths to expand application boundaries and develop more intelligent solutions, providing powerful support for industry transformation and high-quality development.


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